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The KEMSI Approach

It’s about how you want to feel inside

Before we can start to concept, sketch and moodboard, we need to get a sense of how you want to live in your space. And the way you want to feel inside it.

Then, as we bring your vision to life, we only work with partners and suppliers who share our obsession with the perfect design, build and finish. 
You’ll be with us every step of the way on this design journey.

Phase 1


We always start with a discovery meeting, either at your home or over a video call. This helps us get a sense of how you want to live in the space we’re going to create. And the feelings you want to experience. By getting to know you, we can begin a collaborative design process that will lead to a perfect end result that is uniquely yours.

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Phase 2

Dream - Concept

Following on from our discovery meeting, we produce a range of concepts for how to achieve the home experience you’re looking for. This is the inspiration stage. Big, broad brush ideas brought to life with sketches. Exploring colour schemes. Options for materials throughout. Soft furnishing swatches. Visuals of different furniture layouts within each room. 

Phase 3 & 4

Design & Detail

At the design stage it’s important for us to establish how you want to use your space day to day. But just as vital to us, is understanding how you want to feel inside it. Only by delving under the surface can we get to know the big themes and little details that will create the perfect home space for how you live. Not just an Instagram story with the wow factor. 

At this stage our exploration involves imagery and sketches. We present different look and feel options to define the design, style and feel for the project. This includes conceptual ideas for shapes, colours, materials, bespoke joinery and features for each room.

Once the concepts have been agreed on, we take these ideas into the design stage. This will start with detailed 3D drawings of the room showing the furniture, lighting and material options. At the same time we work with our architect and lighting specialist to ensure our designs are fully incorporated within the project to deliver the best results.

Next, we produce detailed drawings to specify components such as joinery design, architectural design details and room spatial planning, along with full lighting and electrical plans. 


Phase 5


Once the construction begins the progress of the project will be managed and monitored on a regular basis. We liaise with all involved to ensure the designs are implemented and executed correctly. If any adaptations or refinements are needed, we’ll carefully manage and communicate these to you.

Phase 6


Styling is the final step in creating the full sensory experience that will make it uniquely your home. In collaboration with you, we curate the finishing touches. Sourcing and pairing artwork and accessories with your own personal items. All to achieve the feeling that is our shared goal.


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Translating your vision through considered interior design focussed on creating spaces that formalise feelings and spark emotion amongst our clients across high end residential and commercial projects.

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