The KEMSI Approach

The aim of our practice is to create spaces that are experienced and endearing, where the feeling speaks louder than the furnishings and the selection of objects.

Phase 1


We always start with a discovery meeting either at our clients home or over a video call. Every space we create starts with a clear articulation of the feelings our clients hope to experience. From getting to know you we are able to bring your designs to life, enhancing your lifestyle and forming a design collaboration that will result in a positive client experience.

Kemsi client interaction.png

Phase 2


Following on from our discovery meeting we will produce concept options to help visualise the ideas being generated for your home. We structure our approach around how you want to experience your home. In this stage the bigger design solutions are conceptualised and we will present ideas for colour schemes, options for materials and soft furnishings and sketches that demonstrate the furniture layouts within each room.

Phase 3

Design & Detail

Once the concept has been finalised we will take these ideas into the design stage. This will start with detailed 3D drawings of the room showing the furniture, lighting and material options. At the same time we work together with our architect and lighting specialist to ensure that our designs are incorporated within the project to deliver the best outcome for the client.

On completion of the design, detailed drawings will be produced to specify components such as, joinery design, architectural design details, room setting out, full lighting and electrical plans. 


Phase 5


Once the construction begins the progress of the project will be managed and monitored on a regular basis. We will liaise with all involved to ensure the designs are implemented correctly and any deviation from design is managed.

Phase 6


Styling is the final step in bringing your feelings to life. To help you experience your home we curate the finishing touches. Artwork and accessories can be sourced, paired with your own personal items to deliver THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE.


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Translating your vision through considered interior design focussed on creating spaces that formalise feelings and spark emotion amongst our clients across high end residential and commercial projects.