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"Never stop innovating"

ABI Interiors, “We create architecturally inspired designs, with a mission to never stop innovating.”

ABI Interiors are a supplier that we work closely with when it comes to fitting bathrooms and kitchens in a property. They specialise in high-end tapware, fixtures, and other accessories. Originating in Australia, ABI design and manufacture plumbing hardware which is luxurious yet affordable – effortlessly transforming a bathroom with extraordinary pieces that take the space to a new level.

Another benefit of using ABI, is the durability of the products, they take great pride in the quality of their materials and hardware when engineering their designs, saying “We believe any product is only as good as its weakest part.” Their dedication to creating world class fixtures is evident through their 25-year warranty promise.

We love working with the team at ABI interiors as we have built a strong, trusting relationship with them. Their innovation and dedication to creating thoughtful designs inspires us at KEMSI.

We can’t wait to work on more projects together, creating dream homes for our clients.

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