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"I am so grateful for the inspiration you provided us on this project.
You carefully listened to the design brief and selected pieces we fell in love with.
We cannot thank you enough!”

Laidback luxury / Oasis

La vie en rose, Antibes France

This classic 7-bedroom villa in the South of France, was tried and unloved.  Our clients wanted to steer away from the typical classic South of France style.  Not forgetting the heritage of the property, subtle hints of roses themed throughout the property, with dried flowers, abstract artwork, books & rose water.

Natural textures and surfaces complemented the Mediterranean setting, paired with touches of black to create a younger more modern aesthetic. Cleverly thought though materials created a luxurious feel, mixed with natural, contemporary furniture to create a stylish comfortable oasis.



Relax & rejuvinate

La vie en rose, Antibes France

Each room in this luxury villa is unique but follows a similar feel of contemporary calmness.  Our aim was to choose natural colours and creative surfaces to compliment the Mediterranean setting. The surfaces included natural textures like reclaimed wood, marble, the original stone clad walls, travertine, and lime wash paints. 

The scheme is simple yet wonderfully luxurious and open, a perfect place to wake up on holiday.  All the furniture for this house were carefully chosen for a luxurious feel with a mix of natural modern materials and tones.  The lighting selected are soft and airy and the design is based on coral, which felt meaningful with the ocean so close by.

The perfect setting for special holidays with the family in a hugely desirable laid-back luxurious oasis in the South of France.


Your space, your time, your escape.

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