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the process

Helping to visualise the ideas being generated for your home

Concept Design Look & Feel

One of the most important parts of the design stage if for us to understand how you want to feel in your home as well as how you use the space. Only by delving under the surface will we get to know your needs and likes to design a place that feels like home for you (and not an Instagram story). Through the use of imagery and sketches we present different look and feel options to define the design, style and feel for the project. This includes conceptual ideas for styles, colours, materials, bespoke joinery, and features for each room.


Floor Plans

After reviewing existing architect’s drawings or following a measured survey of your property, we’ll propose interior layouts to answer your brief for design and lifestyle needs. This can include amending structural openings and options for bespoke joinery to perfect the interior flow and space planning.


Basic 3D Models

Unless you’re an interior designer, it can be hard to get excited by just a floor plan. That’s why we produce simple, animated 3D models at this early stage. They give you a feel for the new space and allow you to get a sense that it will work for you. Being able to move around the room virtually allows you to make decisions on the space with greater confidence.

sketch 1.jpg

Project Programme & Budget

Having agreed the look and feel, explored materials for every surface, locked down fit out requirements like kitchens, bathrooms and furnishings and finalised general alterations, we can talk budgets. This means we can be more accurate with the project programme and cost breakdowns. Allowing you to budget and plan your timelines most effectively.

Kemsi - Budget Planning.png
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