Design Development

the process

helping to visualise the ideas being generated for your home

Design Development & Detailed 3D Models

Once the look and feel from the concept has been agreed we can start finessing the actual design. In this stage we spend time designing in detail all the spaces including the kitchen and bathrooms exactly to your needs paying special attention to how you want to experience your home. We present these to you in the format of animated 3d models and mood boards that show more accurate pieces of furniture and joinery that will be part of the scheme. At this stage we will also begin sourcing the perfect items for you, utilising our network of trade contacts to get you the best price and quality. We also work with you designing bespoke pieces, perhaps you need a particular size sofa or shelves that have a hidden desk with LED lights sunken in, we can do this all for you.

Electrical Plans

A well-designed room is nothing without clever ambient lighting, as it transforms spaces creating moods and zones. We collaborate with a host of experts in their respective fields to seamlessly integrate a your requirements into a design scheme. This means we’ll work alongside architects, lighting designers, audio-visual specialists, security consultants, and a host of other collaborators to ensure that any user interface or technological system that needs to be included is straightforward for your contractor to install.

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Technical Drawings

Once you are happy with the designs, we work with our team of architects to produce technical drawings. For example, the exact measurements of the kitchen and bathroom design, the material specifications, where the tiles are positioned, where the light
switches are situated, the technical design of the joinery. With all this accurate information we can cross cost with our trusted team of tradesman and suppliers to give you accurate, itemised prices and timelines. This level of detail ensures the execution of the work is run efficiently and on budget. To further help you with your budget planning we will produce detailed schedules for the whole project, e.g. ironmongery, lighting, paint, furniture, sanitary ware.

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Photo Realistic Renders

If the design is proving difficult to visualise, or you would like to see the completed project before the work begins, we can produce photo-realistic images. Our clients love to see their rooms come to life giving them a great insight into how their home will feel.