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“Do you have an office in your home? Do you have a home in your office?” 

— Carmelina Dalton, KEMSI

Workspace for wellbeing

KEMSIs home from home

The KEMSI studio is our home from home, a place for us to sit with our clients and turn their dreams into reality. This comes with a lot of pressure, so we've created our own little haven.

We needed to create a welcoming and comfortable place, while still functioning as a workplace. The space puts us at ease, sparks creativity, and increases productivity.


A space to experience

Interior Design Studio

Our new office is furnished with bespoke furniture pieces designed by KEMSI. This project has been a complete renovation and a collaboration with our trusted network of contractors, artisans ranging from furniture and product makers, lighting designers, artists, florists, and audio-visual specialists.

We feel like we have created the perfect hybrid design to respond to evolving commercial interiors. Pollination of materials and aesthetics, with the comfort of home styling and the durability and functional demands of a working environment. As the lines between distinct work functions in a space become more and more blurred, our office blends the areas together to create a harmonious environment that facilitates hi-performance and wellbeing.  

We ask our residential clients "Do you have an office in your home?" and ask our commercial clients "Do you have a home in your office?". KEMSIs home from home approach, was set up to create a welcoming experience for both our residential and commercial clientele to feel at home with KEMSI with a real focus on wellbeing. 

“We want our clients to be a part of the design journey, this studio is for them to see what they can achieve, discuss their goals and experience the finishes first hand.”
— Carmelina Dalton, KEMSI

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Translating your vision through considered interior design focussed on creating spaces that formalise feelings and spark emotion amongst our clients across high end residential and commercial projects.

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