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Book a consultation

We offer a range of both virtual and in-person consultations, depending on the nature of your project and your requirements. 

Complimentary 30min virtual consultation

Let’s chat! Tell us how you would like to feel inside your home, and we can create a bespoke design package tailored to your requirements.

Complimentary Consult

2.5hr Homeowner Consultation


An online consultation to discuss any tricky interior dilemmas you may have, or perhaps you want us to review some materials or floorplans before making any decisions.

2.5 Homeowner Consult


4hr Homeowner Consultation

An information filled session in the convenience of your home or online. Together we will tour your home, offer ideas and solutions to help direct your project.

This service option begins the process to working with us on a full-service project, or it can be used as a one-time visit to help solve a design dilemma. Feel free to ask as many questions as you like, and we can help as much as we can before leaving.

4hr Homeowner Consult

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What sort of work could I expect to do in a Homeowner Consultation?
    It is important to maximise our time with you, so we always include 1hr of preparation time within the consultations. During our sessions we can review floor plans, advise on style and design details, help choose surfaces or advise on how things can come together to create your perfect home.
  • Are technical drawings inclusive of these consultations?
    If your contractor requires more detailed drawings, we can quote these separately.
  • Are 3D visuals included in this service?
    These can be included for an additional fee.
  • Can I use your floorplan drawings for structural alterations?
    Our drawings are for design intent only and not to be used for structural alterations. Additional architectural drawings and calculations will need to be produced for construction. We have a team of trusted contractors and architects that we recommend to give you the best outcome in your home.
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