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KEMSI Partner: Porcelanosa

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Most of our clients come to us when they take on a renovation project because they want to have an enjoyable and less stressful experience. At KEMSI we have developed a wealth of contacts across the design world, that our clients gain access to when they commission us. We always start by getting to know how our clients want to feel in their new space. We take them on an exciting journey of discovering different products and materials allowing us to learn more about their tastes. Today we would like to share with our readers one of our most trusted partners, Porcelanosa, who we work with time and time again, so much so that we have recently fitted out our showroom with their beautiful Xtone range.

Porcelanosa: Porcelanosa is one of the leading suppliers of tiles across the globe. Founded in Villarreal back in 1973, the Spanish manufacturer have a strong philosophy for designing building materials which combine beauty and originality. We agree that these two characteristics can be found throughout the entire range of Porcelanosa products. They offer a range of ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, natural stone, and mosaic tiles. The reason we recommend Porcelanosa to our clients is their unparalleled quality, incredible durability, unique textures and beautiful designs. Their new Xtone range represents innovation at its finest. This multi-talented large format tile means it can be applied to surfaces, furniture, facades, worktops, islands, and more - joint-free. The result being, sleek and SEAMLESS! What do we love about Xtone? 1. There is an amazing collection to choose from, here are our favourites.

It’s suitable for interior and exterior applications: This means that if you are looking to achieve that seamless outdoor/indoor look, you can use the same tiles for both kitchen and patio. 3. XTONE is resistant to extremes of temperature leaving its performance and aesthetics unaltered. 4. XTONE is extremely tough. Generally beating quartz, marble, granite and other conventional solid surfaces when it comes to stain, heat and scratch resistance. 5. It is low maintenance. Easy to clean, it prevents absorption of odour-creating liquids and gases. And it’s 100% natural and recyclable. If you love this product and would like to learn more about how you can apply it to your own home project we recommend you book a 30 minute free consultation with us so we can start making your dream a reality.

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