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MDfx Smart Homes

Luxury and technology are fast becoming one of the cornerstones of high-end property. This is epitomised by the continuing development of Smart Homes; in the past year we've seen clients engage with the concept more often as they realise its potential.

We work closely with Marvin Dudziec from MDfx Within to deliver a truly unique experience to the clients we work with. Recently they installed automated curtain tracks in our bay windows as well as a smart lighting system throughout for our clients to experience first-hand.

Planning a home renovation? Talk to a smart home integrator at the very start of your project. This guarantees that it falls within the scope of the project and works harmoniously with the rest of the design. Let's take a closer look at how it can level up your life.

The benefits of smart home technology

Smart home technology comes with incredible perks, from automated electric blinds and smart lighting to automatic temperature control and intelligent security.

An integrated smart system can also have great benefits for commercial premises, especially when it comes to cost savings. With temperature and lighting control and the use of smart conferencing setups, you can transform the way you work across offices.

These smart devices can enhance and improve your quality of life and addresses the most common challenges of home management. A smart automation system is a powerful tool for delivering improved safety and economy with numerous features capable of benefiting one’s psychological health.

One thing our clients find surprising is the beautiful fittings these control systems come with. The wall keypads come in a range of finishes from brushed brass to solid colours and for commercial clients they can produce something completely bespoke with logo engravings for instance.

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