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How to make your small garden look bigger than it is!

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

At KEMSI, a lot of our projects are predominantly in London, and the compromise to building a kitchen extension is ending up with a smaller garden. We have realised this is an issue our clients are facing and have found a number of ways to help tackle the problem!

We have collated a handful of creative ways to create the illusion that your outdoor space is larger than it is.


Too much colour and texture will cause a chaotic, cluttered vibe within your garden. Ideally, pick a dominant colour and play with various tones of that same colour and experiment with neutral earthly textures. Let the leaves and plants in your garden add that pop of colour.

For fences and paths, it is best to stick to neutral colourways - whites, creams, greys and our favourite is a dark slate colour like the one below! The greenery looks great against a dark backdrop.


The illusion is enhanced when the furniture is sleek, neutral, and discreet. Again we recommend you stick to neutral colours and textures. As we are trying to make your garden look bigger it is best to avoid bulky furniture. Opt for benches instead of chairs and when it comes to sofas, ones with metal legs such as the one below can appear lighter than their rattan relatives and are often better suited for smaller gardens.

Another solution is opting for a bespoke concrete or wooden bench that seamlessly merges with your built-in planters. This is the sort of clever design that is not only practical but also adds a little extra character to the space.

Creating zones within your garden area is also

a great way to make the space feel bigger to guests. Differing the flooring of the area could give you the illusion of extra space, an easy/affordable way to achieve this is to invest in a nice outdoor rug!


One of our favourite pieces of furniture which can be added to your garden is an outdoor

mirror! Similarly, why mirrors are commonly used within interior design, they help to create the

illusion of depth, creating the image of more space. So why not use this outside too?

This is one of the simpler steps of the bunch, find a fence or wall in your garden and hang a

large mirror up, the human eye perceives the bounced reflection from the mirror as added

space. It’s a great hack!

Hanging Plants

No room for pots and planters? No problem.

Hanging plants is the best way to eliminate your floor space from being cluttered. If the outdoor space is limited, you could always invest in a vertical rack and hang plants from that.


From task lighting for safety to ambient string lights for the perfect outdoor party, start by identifying the outdoor spaces you want to use and then find solutions for each area. For example, are you looking to create a warm welcoming environment in a dedicated seating area or do you wish to floodlight over the passageway or driveway for security?

KEMSI offer a full design service and we can help you achieve the perfect atmosphere in your garden. Book your 30-minute call with us to discuss your project and see if we can help you.

Want to find out more?

Book your consultation call today.

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