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Optimising your home

Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen a significant rise in the amount of people working from home. Many are enjoying this shift, having more freedom to choose how you spend your time, and in some cases, being a lot more productive since being in a quiet environment. However, there are numerous people who are not enjoying the change. This could be due to the lack of boundaries, not having the right equipment, or maybe because they haven’t optimised their home working space?

We recognise that collaboration and communication can be affected due to the remote working situation, and your work area cannot solve these issues, but a well-designed space can severely improve your productivity and happiness when working from home.

Here are some KEMSI tips to ensure you are getting the most out of your remote working set up:

Lighting is key

The lighting in your home office space is important for many reasons, firstly to protect your eyes from straining, but also to improve productivity. If you’re sat in a dark, it is likely you won’t be at your peak productivity in comparison to sitting in a brighter room.

If you aren’t blessed with direct sunlight pouring into your room, enhance your area with multiple light fixtures, a desk or floor lamp, or a natural light source from Amazon. Lighting is the key to creating ambience!

Separating the space

It’s one thing to turn your home into an office, but it’s almost more important to be able to turn your office back into your home. One way to do this is to invest in a foldaway desk, this way it is moveable depending on where you want to work around the house and means that this can be packed away as soon as the working day is done, creating a clear divide between business and leisure (and creates more space within your home!)

Having a physical distinction between working and relaxing, allows your brain to keep the two aspects of your life separate, increasing productivity and organisation. Being able to stick to a regimented routine when being at home helps your mind to switch off from work when the day is complete.

Incorporating greenery –

Recent studies have found that plants in the office can boost productivity by as much as 15%. According to the Human Spaces report, office environments with greenery and natural light can boost workplace productivity by 6% and increase creativity by 15%! They are known to reduce stress and just make your space look much more aesthetically pleasing, it’s a win-win!

If you need assistance styling, curating, or building your work from home space, reach out to us at KEMSI for expert interior design advice.

We are happy to help.

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